5 Key Ways To Having A Fun and Inexpensive Summer


Slowly, but surely, we are shaking off the frigid tentacles of winter and moving towards spring and the finally summer. For many of us summer is the time when we: travel with family, go visit friends, check out live music, or just have a fantastic time enjoying the weather.

For many, summer can also signal a start to unintentional spending bonanzas because there is so much to do! So, I thought this would be a great time to come up with some strategies to have a fantastic Summer 2015 and keep your money from flying out the window and your pockets! Here are 5 key ways to having a fun and inexpensive summer.


Plan. If you’re in a family, schedule a meeting and discuss what everyone would like to do for the summer. As you put together your plan, use your resources! Many cities post events schedules throughout the year. Happily, many of these schedules are now online and can be accessed pretty easily. Mark down all of the events you find interesting in a calendar and also note what the cost would be to participate.


See what’s free. Take some time to brainstorm and see what activities you can enjoy that are free. Check out the following: Free days at museums, botanical gardens, and even National Parks. There are a number of programs that cover entrance fees for kids to different venues. Usually the cut off age is around 5th grade. In Colorado, children are able to learn how to ski for free throughout the year. Yes, that’s a winter sport-but, proof that there are some cool free options for families with kids. Sadly, singletons, you’ll just have to go to all of the other free things that kiddos usually don’t participate in. LoL!


Online Coupons Rock! I am a huge lover of Groupon and LivingSocial Deals. You can also use these when traveling stateside. So I would strongly encourage you to look at local deals in destinations that you will be traveling to. Just be careful to use those coupons once you arrive. Also, take some time to make sure that it’s a legitimate business. I have purchased a dud Groupon before for a trip and would have easily discovered that the business was not legit if I had checked their website. Just do your due diligence.


Inventory Your Home. What fun activities already exist in your home? Do you have sports equipment, bikes, or games? Are they in working order? Do you have passes to a national park? Does it need to be renewed?


Pace yourself. Summer is all about having fun. We don’t have to do everything. Don’t feel like you have to participate in every event that happens this summer. Schedule lazy days where you just lay in your backyard or the front lawn and relax. Make a picnic basket and have a picnic in the park. Take some time to rejuvenate yourself.

The most important thing is to have fun! I truly love each season and feel that there is a magic as one season rolls into another.

Enjoy yourselves and have fun!

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