5 of the Most Fun Activities for Families


Time with the family is all too precious, yet sometimes we find ourselves at a loss when it comes to ideas for fun activities. Here are a handful of ideas to kick-start your next family night.

Make Your Own Taco Night

Simple, fun, and easy, all without breaking the bank. All you need to do is set out a few ingredients, plus tortillas or hard taco shells, and stand back! With no muss or fuss when it comes to preparation or clean-up, this idea is perfect for week nights, when you want to make the most of the short time your entire family is together. This is a great way to teach your children how to cook as well. With its simple preparation, this meal can allow multiple helpers to learn about preparing a healthy meal, and help them be more independent.


Take A Walk

Hold hands, bring a little red wagon, and take it slow. Life’s about the journey, not the destination. Go out, grab some frozen yogurt, do a little window shopping, go for a stroll in the park – This is your time to enjoy being outdoors and spend time together. Especially now as the leaves are changing color, any old street in your neighborhood can be transformed into an autumn wonderland.  Family walks are great opportunities to talk to your children about school and their friends without the distractions that exist at home.  You might be surprised by what you learn about your child as you take a walk and spend some quality time together.


Hit the Library

Most libraries offer more than just books, and many are open late. Check for any programs or activities the library may be holding, or just get your kids interested in reading. And be sure to check out a book yourself if you get the chance. Visiting the library together can also be a great way to find good books or movies that you can share with your children. Finding a good series to read together as a family can make great memories, and help your children develop an interest in reading.


Game Night

Cringe if you must, but board games have come a long way since you were a kid; there’s a lot more on offer than just Monopoly and Candy-land. If you can, shop for the games with your kids, but make sure to pick at least one yourself.  You’ll be surprised by how much fun you will have as you compete  and play together. Look for games that will challenge your children to be creative, to work in teams, and that can allow them to win.  That little boost in confidence that a child receives when they do well will go a long way.


Story Time

If your kids are the creative sorts, try having them to tell you stories they made up. Encourage them to act them out, and let them enlist you, their siblings, or even a family pet to play their characters. Not only will this help your kids develop their imagination, it can also help boost their confidence.

In the end, the most important part of family night is making sure that everyone is involved and engaged. The activities themselves are a place to start, a common ground for each member of the family to use as a launching pad on the way to the sort of shared experiences that form lasting memories.

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