A Fool And Their Money…


There are so many ways that we can be parted from our money, and in honor of April Fool’s Day, I wanted to explore this a little further.  And, before I begin, I would like to admit that I have first hand experience with having many habits that helped money flow away from my wallet. There is a saying “a fool and their money will soon be departed” I have lived this saying and have to be mindful that I’m about to step into a financial land mine.

Let’s begin.

I don’t buy lottery tickets. I used to when I was younger until I noticed that NOBODY out west wins! Ever! Have you noticed that the winners are always a group of 20 people who’ve worked in same place for at least 12 years? In a random corner of Maryland?Well, I quit the job that I worked at for 10 years and am working for myself.  We weren’t buying lottery tickets when I was there either so strike this get rich quick scheme off my list.

I side hustle a lot and I am always fascinated by the posts that guarantee that you will make up to $3,000 a month-STARTING TODAY!  I say that’s like fool’s gold. It’s easy to make shiny promises, but sometimes hard to deliver. So, if you’re a side hustler be very leery about applying for jobs that promise the world at the beginning of your employment. I just finished working a really good job for 10 years and it took awhile to reach a point where I was getting good pay and perks. Ten long years.

Yesterday I was sitting at Starbucks working on some freelancing projects. The cool thing about living in Colorado (and the U.S.) is that it is very common to strike up conversations with random people. This happened yesterday. Guess what we started talking about? Money, the economy, and investing. There were three of us and the conversation became pretty heated in a very good way.

The gentleman that we were speaking with started talking about taking equity out of his home and investing it. This was after he talked about his belief there will be another market crash in 2 years. He also started talking about interest rates and earnings and as he talked, I just thought “this guy is overthinking everything, is too pessimistic, and will lose all his money.” I couldn’t understand how someone so down on the economy would consider such a huge and risky financial move.

In fact, he also mentioned that he was frustrated with his brother who was experiencing financial difficulties. His brother was resistant to the money moves he had suggested. I found what this guy was saying about his own money way too complicated, and from a very negative headspace. I just couldn’t see how his process would work over time. When he said his brother was hesitant to follow his suggestions I knew who was the smarter brother. If you don’t understand what is being explained to you as it pertains to your money, then you shouldn’t be doing whatever is being suggested to you to do.

The next foolish movie I’ve made is the following: not having a clue about where my money was going. This one is a big deal. I don’t care what you do: create a budget, a spending plan, or do a No Spending Challenge it doesn’t matter. Until you figure out a process to know where your money is going I can reassure you that your money will be going in a direction that is away from you and your wallet.

There are so many devious, frustrating, and exasperating ways to be parted from your money. Be vigilant, focused, and aware so that you don’t end up in a bad financial situation.

What’s The Worst Way You’ve Been Parted From Your Money?


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