Are Side Hustles Worth Doing?


All across the personal finance blogosphere you will find numerous posts on side hustles and making more money in order to take care of debt, save for a rainy day, and change your financial life. These people (including myself) seem to be frantically looking for ways to make money and throwing around the phrase “Side hustles” like candy.

There are people out there who are asking the following question, “Are side hustles worth doing?” I think it’s an important question to ask and worth looking at and answering. My answer to this question would be the following:

Yes, but….

The thing is, all side hustles aren’t created equally. They take up time, energy, and sometimes even money. When you’re working a full-time job and decide to take on  additional responsibilities to others you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • What’s the time commitment? If you are side-hustling at the mall I would argue that the amount of time that it takes to get to the mall, work your shift, and then decompress after standing on your feet all day might not be worth it. This one was a hard one for me because I used to work retail for a lot of years. I enjoyed meeting new people but didn’t like the time away from home.
  • What are you getting paid? I had to ask myself if working at the mall was the best option? Typically I was getting paid around $11 dollars an hour, which is pretty good for a typical retail job. The thing is now I make around $25 dollars or more an hour doing side fun side hustles. Last year I was paid $100 to dress up as a zombie and pass out fliers for four hours the week  before Halloween and the annual Zombie Crawl in Denver.
  • More money in less time-This should be the way that you approach your all side hustles. Time is precious, so it’s important to think strategically when you are finding side hustles. How can you make the most money in the least amount of time?
  • What’s your endgame? Before you begin side hustling be clear about why you’re doing it. If you are in a relationship communicate with your person so that you’re on the same page. If you just hustle to hustle you may find yourself resenting your side hustles.
  • Schedule Breaks-I suffered from an extreme case of burnout this year and I really would hate for you to experience that level of exhaustion. Make sure to work at a reasonable pace. If you’re too tired you won’t be able to do anything well. I learned this lesson the hard way after adding on way too many responsibilities and not executing them as well as I would have  liked.
  • Treat Side Hustles As Work-Side hustling is work. Be on time, be presentable, iron your clothes, and work the hustle. I can’t tell you the number of times I was shocked to be working as a brand ambassador with someone who smelled like cigarettes, was wrinkled and looked like they had just crawled out of bed. By the way, those people weren’t asked to do other promotions. People do notice.
  • Consistency Is Key-Look for opportunities everyday. Over time you will be able to spot ways to make money that you never dreamed of: dressing up as zombies, helping out at festivals, participating in focus groups, and the list goes on. The more you look, the more you will find.

I will continue to side hustle and I really enjoy the process of increasing my income and getting control of my financial future. But, my side hustle process has been a lot more effective since tweaking my approach.

Are You Considering Side Hustling?

Or, Do You Side Hustle Already?

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