Author Robbie

I have learned a lot over the past seven years on topics involving Financial Independence, Investing, Frugality, and Simple Living. So, if any of these topics interest you, I hope you stick around as I have a lot of stuff to talk about from lessons learned over the past seven years. If you have any questions about a topic or post send me an email at

Finance The Big Three

The easiest and most successful way to improve your current financial situation is to reduce your expenses associated with The Big Three. What is commonly referred to The Big Three…

Education Your Favourite Books To Read!

Hello, I will be heading back to work soon for another week and am looking for some possible ideas for books to read while I am up there. They can…

Debt 4 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Quicker!

Hello everyone, Hope you all had a great long weekend! For myself, it was spent spending quality time with family and friends hanging out, playing cards, and sharing good stories…

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