Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune


How many times have you listened to someone tell you that it’s too expensive to eat healthy? I used to hear it quite frequently, in fact, I almost believed it for a time. Fruit and vegetables just seemed too expensive to buy fresh, and the frozen ones just didn’t pack the same punch.

Oddly enough, I started having a food intolerance not that long ago, and so I was forced to change my diet. At first I thought that our shopping bill was going to sky rocket, however I was actually pleasantly surprised to discover that the price wasn’t that much different.

The biggest part of our weekly shopping spend was actually on meat, and since we have moved to eating a lot less meat and more wholegrain pasta and fresh vegetables the cost has remained almost the same.

The trick that I have found is that you need to prepared meals based on what the season is. There is no point buying winter foods in summer, or summer foods in winter. You will end up paying a premium for the privilege, and often the quality just isn’t there.

Another great way to save on fresh produce is to either grow it yourself, or if you have a black thumb, head down to your local farmers markets. We have found that prices are normally about 15% less than what you find in the big grocery stores, and the produce is significantly fresher.

The biggest difference that I have found with cooking a lot more fresh foods is that it can be quite time consuming. I think that previously I had a tendency towards laziness and so I justified not buying healthy because I thought it cost more, but in reality it was probably far more likely that I just didn’t want to spend the extra time preparing my meals. It’s not even really all that bad, I probably spend about an extra 5 or 10 minutes each time I cook, but I am being far more healthy thanks to that time spent.

Do you cook healthy, do you find it costs you more?

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  1. I think the other issue is that people really don’t know how to cook anymore. We have all these pre-packaged and pre-made meals that people are eating. I cook from scratch and I average around $250 a month on very high end healthy groceries-and I don’t eat out that much.

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