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I regularly find myself short of time, it’s not because I’m bad at time management (although I could always be better). It’s more because I have so many different projects on the go at the same time, that things sometimes get left behind or neglected more than I intended.

I have tried a few things when it comes to making better use of my time, but the one thing that I always seems to hold true is that you need to focus on the things that are important to you first. Focusing on those big ticket items that have the greatest bang for buck is always going to be the most important and best use of your time. Things like spending time with your family, looking after your health and ensuring you have a vision for your future that you are always working towards.

Last week I was on a course where the presenters got you to think about the things that really matter to you in life. They had a list of 50 different values and asked each of us to come up with our top 3 in the list. Interestingly, many people changed what their values were once we got into a group discussion, which shows me that they haven’t ever really thought about what it is that drives them each day and what it is that they are striving to achieve.

There was plenty of things that I learned whilst on the course, however, if I can recommend one thing, it would be to find out what it is that’s your number 1 priority in life and make sure you focus your life around that. For me the number one thing is my family, and I suspect it will be the same for many others, but it’s really interesting what comes after that and how it fits into who you are and where you are going in life.

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