Freedom: Why You Should Start Saving Now, Even Though Interest Rates Are Low


Financial freedom is a dream that many people have, but few attain it over time. More than ever, people are struggling with their finances for a variety of reasons. Years after the global recession, families are still struggling to get by.

Although people are making more money than ever before, it is not translating to an increased savings rate. In fact, some are even advised against saving money because interest rates are currently so low. The logic is that the money that would be in a savings account could be put to much better use rather than just sitting and not earning much because interest rates are so low.

In order to attain financial freedom, a financial plan should be followed by everyone.


Get Out of Debt

The first step to financial freedom is getting out of debt. Many people have student loans, car loans, and credit card debts, in addition to their mortgage payments. A the end of the day, it is very difficult to build any sort of wealth or financial freedom if most of the income that comes in every month goes right back out in the form of debt payments. Start by attacking the highest interest debt and work your way down. There are many different debt programs that can help people pay off debt.


Increase Income

Another simple but difficult thing to do in order to attain financial freedom is to increase the income that comes in every month. In order to gain financial freedom, income must be invested every month. Although expenses can be cut, it is often times easier to simply raise the income that are coming in. With the internet now more expansive than ever, there are a plethora of opportunities that are there for anyone who wants to work a little extra on the side in order to earn extra income. Just several hundred dollars extra per month that is invested can make a huge difference over twenty or thirty years.



Finally, in order to have financial freedom and manage the storms of life, a person or family must start saving. Saving money can be fun especially if you have current accounts opened where you can easily save and see where your hard earned income goes to every month. You can always start small by saving a couple hundred dollars per month and then crank that up more over time.

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