How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think


I’m watching t.v. right now while eating a delicious bowl of rice, beans, and turkey kielbasa. It is definitely a frugal meal, that I enjoyed immensely. I also added a light sprinkle of sesame oil on top as well.

In addition to eating rice and beans I currently don’t own a car, live in a 495 sqf condo (I love the little place) and ride my bike around. I’ve also basically stopped shopping for clothes, and have gotten progressively…more creative with my money habits.

I’ve even switched to all cash.

For a long time I found myself subconsciously (and consciously) caring about what other people thought about how I was living my life. You know-The Joneses. I wanted to live like everyone else. Until I discovered that the longer I tried to live like everyone else, the longer I would be in debt, stressed, and  staying in situations that made me unhappy.

As I changed my relationship with money and my habits, I found that I began to care less and less about what other people thought about what I was doing. So, I’ve decided to share why and how I stopped caring about what other people think about what I’m doing for me.

How To Stop Caring:

  • I became 100% clear on the life that I dreamed for myself.  I imagined a life without debt, growing my income, working from home with my kids, married, traveling, and purchasing  properties as I grow my investments. I also wanted to help other people.
  • I became 100% clear on what I would be willing to do in order to create the life that I want for myself. I am willing to do whatever it takes that isn’t illegal, creepy, or annoyingly cheap, in order to pay my debt and create the life that I want for myself and my family.
  • The Naysayers-None of them are paying my bills so why in the heck do I care what they think?  If the naysayers are paying your bills figure out a way to distance yourself from them. Or, if you can’t try to have a conversation about how you want to manage your money (as a team!)
  • Own Your Process-And don’t be apologetic about what you have to do to move forward. I know that I have another freaking 3 years to get everything paid off. I’m talking: mortgage, student loans, mom’s mortgage, and other debt. Three years feels both like forever and not that long. So, I need to own my debt freedom process and connect with people who “get it.”
  • Surround Yourself With Support-Be careful of the company that you keep. If you’re surrounded by naysayers how will you believe in what you’re trying to do? Surround yourself with people who understand what you’re trying to do.

I am not alone in my process. I’ve seen guys using skateboards as a secondary transportation option. I know of people who ride bikes daily instead of owning a car, and people who embrace growing their own food. They are 100% unapologetic and comfortable with what they’re doing for themselves.

Ultimately, I’m not saying that you should angrily defend yourself. I’m just saying that in order to move forward on an unconventional journey you have to be 100% in or it’s just not going to happen. Or, what you would like to have happen will happen much more slowly than you would like.

I give you permission to own you process and succeed at your goals.

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    • Allowing myself to take my power back and say to myself-you don’t even pay my bills! Why should I care about what you think??? Totally changed the tone of a lot of internal conversations I was having (about money) that gave power to other people in some money conversations that I was having.

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