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Over the weekend I had the opportunity to watch Burt’s Buzz on Netflix. It is a documentary which features Burt Shavitz who is the man behind the iconic bearded face on the popular health-food-store cosmetics line Burt’s Bees.

Throughout the documentary I couldn’t help but realize that Burt truly has the essence of happiness, frugality, and simple living figured out.

Since I enjoyed the documentary so much and believe we could all learn something from Burt’s lifestyle. I decided to share some of his quotes I found interesting throughout the documentary. If you want to find out more information about Burt’s Buzz you can here Burt’s Buzz Documentary.


Lifestyle Lessons Learned Throughout Burt’s Buzz

“My life has been evolutionary rather than revolutionary, I took things one day at a time and everything worked out”

“Home is a good place. Nature doesn’t wait for you, so that you can see what she is doing. And there is a seasonality to everything and living on the land having the opportunity to see the seasons is part of the joy of life as far as I’m concerned”

“I have no problem living in a camp, sleeping on a floor, or horse mattress, going to bed when it gets to dark to read, waking up when the sun comes through my window. I don’t even own an alarm clock.”

“I had no desire to be a upper mobile rising yuppi, with a trophy wife, trophy house, trophy car, I was not looking for any of those things. I already had what I wanted. I had a canoe. A pony, a camp, land, bees, knowledge, and that was all I really needed.”

“I had 26 bee hives and realized I never had to look for a job again as long as I lived a low key existence.”

“In the long run I got the land. Land is everything. Land is positively everything and money is nothing really worth squabbling about. This is what puts people six feet under. I don’t need it”

“All the pins always sort of fell into place if you knew where to look and your not so humble that you can’t afford the luxury of asking somebody for a hand.”

“I’m less interested on the inside of whatever it is I own than what’s outside of what it sits on… And no matter what happened I’d be ok right where I am as long as I can just get out of bed in the morning and put my clothes on and get out the door I’ll be just fine.”

During one interview he was asked how he still leads a simple life with no electricity, no cellular phone, small house, small bathroom, when he can afford more but chooses not to why?

He replies, “There was no need of it”

The same interview he was asked why people want to accumulate, accumulate more money, more fame, more material possessions but he doesn’t, and how he isn’t like any of us, with still leading the same simple life he did 30 years ago and if he had any leaving advice. To which he ends with;

It’s important to separate ones wants from ones needs… That’s the key

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    • For a guy who lost over 200 million just by signing his name and now having to do meet and greets with the company he created to make ends meet. How he remains happy and have such a positive outlook on life is contagious. I know a few people who have lost a lot less money and still remain bitter about it 20-30 years later.

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