Are You Listening To Podcasts? No! Start Now


I know, I know you’re dealing with information overload. We have social media, television, t.v., books, magazines, and blogs. I would argue though that the problem with all of this content is twofold: everything has its time and place, and dividing these activities into the categories they belong in so that you can consume them in a better way and make space for education.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Television, magazines, and social media-are for the most part for entertainment. Luckily with the introduction of online streaming we’re able to watch our favorite shows at times that are conducive to introducing more helpful activities into your life without eliminating the mindless fun that t.v. can be at times.
  • Books and blogs-I have a soft spot in my heart for books and blogs. I’ve spent many hours reading both for escape and for educational purposes. In the case of blogs I also read them to watch how other people’s stories evolve.
  • Podcasts-Can be both entertaining and educational. If you’re not listening to podcasts and you’re starting a business, need to hear someone who is truly motivational, or need information on a topic podcasts are an amazing resource.

The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them at the same time that you’re: running, walking, or even cleaning your house. I am working on several large projects this summer and I’ve had several  important questions answered relating to my project because I’ve listened to a podcast.

Some Podcasts I Recommend:

  • The Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn. This podcast is amazingly helpful and if you’re hoping to start a passive income model the sheer amount of information and resources that you will receive from the: website, podcast, and private Facebook group are priceless. Pat is a very positive and fun personality to listen to and I look forward to each podcast that comes out. Surprisingly, I’m late to the SPI game! I wish I had discovered it earlier. Favorite Episode: From Teachers to Totally Rocking It Online
  • His and Her Money-Taalat and Tai are the most infectious enthusiastic and positive couple ever. I am not seeing anyone right now, but if I were, I feel like the conversations that they have would be helpful in any questions that I might have with a future guy. They don’t just discuss topics related to couples, they also share inspirational debt free stories, and tips on how to manage money. They have fought the money fight and won so I highly recommend them. Favorite Episode: How Demetrius and Karla Davis Paid off $125,000 in Two Years!
  • Side Hustle Money Show-This is a great show that focuses on people’s side hustles that have grown in most cases to be their main hub. This podcast also provides a large amount of actionable items, information, and inspirational people to learn from. Favorite Episode: How to Build and Monetize A Blog From The Ground Up With Melinda Fleming. *5 posts a day. She’s a machine.

When you listen to a podcast you also have the option to download the show notes in the event that you missed some information or would like to revisit information that was shared.

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