Managing Job Hunting Stress


In my opinion, the job hunting environment that people currently find themselves in is one of the most stressful that job seekers have had to deal with in many years. No, I’m not just talking about the process of looking for jobs. I’m also talking about the hoops that employers are making people jump through and the stress that comes with jumping through ridiculous hoops.

Job Hunting Before Technology:

People would look for jobs via the newspaper, within industry publications, cold calls, or word of mouth. Competition was much more localized and after the job seeker found a job they would do the following:

  • Submit resume and cover letter
  • Wait for call back-ususually as a point of courtesy people would either be called and told either way (yes, we would like to interview you or given a framework that applicants should be called by)
  • Interview-Again, the applicant would be given fairly tight timeframe for being contacted about the job.
  • Possible second interview, might meet with a slightly bigger group of colleagues.
  • Within a two or so weeks final applicants are told yes or no to an additional interview.
  • Final interview
  • Potential employers will contact you in a reasonable amount of time (around 2-3 weeks and let you know either way)

Job Hunting Ater Technology:

  • Look online for job leads. You may even look at online job boards within your field
  • Jobs are now opened up to anywhere in the U.S. (etc.) unless indicated otherwise.
  • See if you meet the minimum criteria for submitting application/resume/cover letter. Not sure if you can walk on water and prepare a great cappuccino but you’re going to give it a try.
  • Upload everything into stupid, freaking online portal that crashes twice causing you to start again because your information didn’t save.
  • Receive automated email that online application has been received.
  • Response time is often a bit vague unless indicated otherwise.
  • You’re sent some weird skills assessment to take in the meantime. You take it but feel a bit disconcerted that they are looking at the fact that you’re an ENFJ. Who cares? Isn’t it about who works hard and gets the job done?
  • You might also be sent instructions on how to do a video and answer 5 questions within a specific time frame..what if you don’t have a computer with a camera?
  • Finally get called in and are asked questions by two or more people staring at you. It’s almost like running the gauntlet.
  • You’re told that you should hear from them by the following week. You don’t. You don’t get an update either, until one day a harried and somewhat confusing voicemail is left on your phone and odd descriptions of being overwhelmed and having too much work so things have been delayed is left on your phone.
  • You need money and don’t give a crap what their issues are. Can’t they pul themselves together so that you can have some clarity and move on?
  • You never hear from them. Either way. WoW.
  • You’re hired! But it has taken almost 4 months to get the job now you’re worried about having to work miracles because obviously they wanted perfection.

This list is a bit tongue in check but it is based on my own experiences and observations that I’ve made when observing other people’s job search. Because of all of the hoops that people are going through trying to find work or change jobs people are experience a ton of stress.

Tips for Managing the Stress

  • Manage Your Expectations-It pains me to say this but manage your excitement. People get super excited super fast and then don’t hear from the job or it takes forever. This kills morale. Don’t let the company’s slow response kill your enthusiasm.
  •  Embrace time with family/friends/loved ones-Focus on spending time with the people you like to surround yourself with. Obviously do free stuff.
  • Create a Pitch ProcessI would pitch every other day so that you you can build momentum in your job search.
  • Build In A Rest Day-Sometimes you just need to take a break. Use that day to walk, meditate, and rest.
  • Write it Down-Journal your stress out. Don’t keep it in.

Job hunting can be a stressful process and the new hoops that people have to jump through makes it even worse. Spend time on managing the process and your expectations while growing potential job leads. You may even consider finding a part-time job to get your outside of the house and a little money coming in as you seek full-time employment.

Is This Similar To Your Job Hunting Experience? What Else Would You Suggest For Managing Job Hunting Stress?

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