Opportunity Usually Comes Wrapped In Hard Work


I am constantly amazed by the huge disparity in thinking about how opportunity arrives in most people’s lives. In an era of reality t.v., social media, and microwaved foods people have gotten the idea that they don’t have to work through the trenches to get what they want.

When did people become so…lazy?

When did people think that they don’t have to pay their dues in order to get to the top? I’ve heard it more than once-NOT just by Millenials. There is a mindset out there that is very dangerous for the people who subscribe to it and a huge opportunity for those who don’t. That things should come easily.

And, no, I don’t think everyone should get a ribbon for participating. Sometimes you have to lose. Because that’s life and that’s part of the learning curve.

I’ve met many people who are having the time of their lives. They are making money, doing cool things, and traveling the world. For most of these people they’ve spent an untold number of hours working hard at: their craft, honing their knowledge, and connecting with the King Makers.

This is what people forget. Opportunity usually comes wrapped in hard work. Every time someone shows up and does something because they love it, they are focused on the bigger picture, or just are too focused to care either way-the universe receives a message.

Over time there is a cumulative affect for the person. Because they showed up when they weren’t being paid people believe in them. Because they were consistent in whatever they were working on they began to excel at their craft. When you show up week after week you begin to meet people. You meet the people who can open doors for you.

Whatever dream that you have understand that you have to work hard. There are very few people who sustain easily gotten fame/money/ or opportunities.

Embrace the hard work. It builds character, it builds strength, and prepares you for when opportunity arrives. Don’t be jealous of other people who you think received things easily. Don’t worry about what they’re doing-only worry about what you’re in control of-day in and day out.

I am in the third year of blogging. I’ve had a wonderful time writing on a weekly basis for free for others. I, and many other people that I know, are basically working for free doing something that speaks to their soul. Recently, I have had some opportunities come my way that were unexpected. I’ve been contacted by people that I consider “big whigs.” I have shown up over and over again and now that consistency is paying off. Will keep you posted!


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