The Big Three


The easiest and most successful way to improve your current financial situation is to reduce your expenses associated with The Big Three. What is commonly referred to The Big Three is costs associated with Housing, Transportation, and Food.

Here are some ideas to reduce your expenses with The Big Three!


There are many ways to reduce expenses related to housing. This may involve buying a cheaper house, downsizing, or finding a cheaper place to rent. If you already own a house and have no intentions of moving or locked into a lease agreement. No worries, there are still many ways for you to reduce expenses by implementing these following ideas;

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The easiest way to reduce expenses associated with transportation is to avoid buying new vehicles and buying the most efficient vehicle for your particular needs. Once you own a vehicle staying on top of your vehicles scheduled maintenance will help minimize costly expenses as your vehicle ages.

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For the average person the annual costs associated with food ranks third in The Big Three. Hopefully these tips will you reduce your food related expenses.

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

It’s Possible To Spend Less Than $1000 On Groceries For A Family Of Four

What other ideas can you think of that help reduce expenses relating to The Big Three?

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