The One Habit You Should Embrace For Personal and Professional Growth


My love affair with this habit began when I was around 2 years old. These objects would be placed near my tiny fingers and I would play with them through out the day. They would transport me to other places and became valued and treasured friends.  As I grew older this habit grew with me and I couldn’t imagine a day without taking time for this habit that had become an old friend.

The One Habit:

What were the objects and was the habit? The objects were books and the habit was reading.

I have always steered clear of people who emphatically said that they hated to read. It was akin to saying to me “I don’t want to know.” Or, “I don’t want to grow on a personal or professional level.” In fact, I developed a distrust of people who hated reading because I wondered-where do you get your information? How do you learn things? How do you develop the ability to transport yourself mentally to another place. How do you develop your imagination? If you have kids how do you develop their love of learning?

It’s not enough to just love reading. You also have to question what you read. I spend a lot of time reading on  a daily basis. I read blogs, books, magazines, and even occasionally the newspaper (New York Times or the Denver Post). I make a point of going to the library on a weekly basis and my librarians even know me by my name. People who read with an intense, almost obsessive focus are my tribe.

In fact, I would not be where I am today without reading how to develop myself personally and professionally-and doing the hard work that comes with that type of development. There are so many genres of books but for specific personal and professional growth the following genres work best (do you have some book suggestions?)

  • Non-fiction-There are a lot of books written on whatever topic that we are curious about.
  • Biographies-Learning about famous people and being inspired by their lives is a great way to create traction and move forward in our own lives.
  • Self-help-yes, I’m totally serious!
  • How To-There are complete series written around the “How to” theme. Have you heard of “The Dummies Guides?” I hate the name but they are well researched, excellent guides on hot to do whatever it is you’re trying to do.

As an employee, business owner, parent, or singleton learning more, developing and growing yourself on a personal level requires some reading. If you want a promotion in most fields you would need to not only work “hard” but to show that you provide value to the organization. In a job market that is increasingly being changed by computers and the knowledge surrounding that technology it’s important for employees to constantly work on learning more about the field they’re in and the world around them.

Knowledge comes in many different forms. And even though I am primarily focused on reading for this post ultimately the love of learning in its purest form is the most important habit a person can embrace.

Do You Enjoy Reading? What’s Your Favorite Genre?


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