Vinyl Skins Keep Your 6s Safe & Fashionable


Chances are you’re planning to use your new iPhone 6s for more than just a few phone calls. As smartphones become the norm, your cell phone has become everything – your alarm clock, personal system, game caddy, and your connection to your friends and family. Like most iPhone users, you’re going to be using your 6s to text, talk, and tap through the million and one apps at your disposal. As you get used to the new iOS shortcuts, explore the 3D Touch, and post a few bathroom selfies to Instagram, you’re getting a better handle on the phone. The longer you use it, the more you realize it might not last as long as you want it to.

There are plenty of horror stories that come with iPhones. In the past, unlucky owners have flushed their iPhones down the toilet. Clumsy users have dropped their 6s on the hard pavement and shattered the delicate screen. Others just let rough and careless handling accumulate until the phone is barely useable. While the more outlandish scenarios get posted onto YouTube and earn millions of hits, the vast majority of damage done to iPhones goes unreported. As it is, it’s believed approximately 30% of all iPhone owners have damaged their phone in the last year.

Considering just how important your 6s is to your daily life, you can’t let yourself become a part of this statistic. Yet, when damages seem to be an inevitability to owning an iPhone, it can seem like jammed buttons, shattered screens, and gouged housing is your lot in life. Luckily, there’s a way to keep you 6s safe and sound, and no – it isn’t by keeping it in its original box like a mint condition Star Wars toy. A good quality vinyl skin for your iPhone will protect it from the many dangers it sees in the average day. And your fast-paced lifestyle sees more than enough!

iPhone 6s skins are made out of genuine 3M vinyl, which creates a durable and strong barrier between your phone and the outside world. When sharp objects and rough surfaces threaten the integrity of your 6s, the vinyl material absorbs the impact that would otherwise damage the phone’s case. Its water resistant material is a triple threat, as it does more than just bead liquid against its surface. It repels grime from building up and interfering with your buttons, which is a serious problem any heavy smartphone user has. We’ve all had to wipe a screen from the grease we leave behind after a particularly long phone call, haven’t we? The vinyl also creates a better grip on such a slippery phone, so you have a better chance of keeping it in your hands while your text and walk down the street.

For those of you who are curious about how this works, iPhone 6s skins fit over your phone much like a sticker but without the sticky residue. Since the 6s has so many delicate features, including the Touch ID sensor and the amazing camera, you need to make sure the skin you choose is expertly cut. It has to mould to the exact dimensions of the 6s or there’s little point to having a skin at all. You don’t want your skin to leave a corner uncovered or to have overlaps that can catch. Be sure to investigate the skin providers online and check out their process. As you use Google to help your search, make sure to check out Their skins are precision-cut down to the millimetre, so they can accommodate all of the features that you’ve come to love about your 6s.

Of course, the skin iPhone 6s owners love is one that can be customized to their taste. When a skin can come in a variety of colours and textures, your iPhone won’t just be protected – it’ll look great too! So apply a vinyl skin to your 6s and ensure your smartphone lasts longer than most.

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