Why Is Hard Work a Liberal vs. Conservative Issue?


Earlier today I was looking at the internet when I stumbled across the question in my title. A man named Mike Rowe had just written a pretty awesome letter to a person who was upset with him about his stance on hard work. I’d never heard of Mike, but I was intrigued by the name of his show “Someone’s Got To Do It.”

Basically, I believe Mike is making the point that there are jobs that need to be done and someone has to do them. He also argues (I believe) that there are jobs out there and that people need to get off their high horse and be o.k. with doing the dirty jobs. I understand this sentiment to a certain degree. I have worked a lot of jobs.

Some of My Old Jobs:

  • Cleaned houses-College student’s super poo
  • Barista at Starbucks
  • Retail-Selling high end olive oil
  • Brand Ambassador gigs

The jobs that I listed above are specifically jobs that I did while working my full-time job and AFTER receiving my Master’s Degree in Public Administration. No, I wasn’t necessarily excited to work these types of jobs when I had so much education but-someone had to do it and it might as well was me! Because I needed to earn more money than I was earning.

I am always frustrated with people who feel that they are too good, too well-educated, too-something to do grunt work. Let’s be very clear-I didn’t like cleaning other people’s super poo, taking people’s crap (ahem) at the store, or having to pitch over and over again at Brand Ambassador gigs to get people to pick up free swag or sign up to win something cool.

But I Did It

I did it because I needed to work and I knew what I was willing to do to make things happen. I like the idea of this show. Here’s the trailer.

I am wondering how this has become a liberal vs. conservative conversation? I would like to think that both of these types of thinkers would agree that if there are jobs to be had that people could work them. I think that people forget the following: WORKING A CRAPPY JOB DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FOREVER. And most people get pretty motivated overtime to identify other opportunities that will get them out of working their crappy job.

I appreciate all of the jobs that I’ve worked and will embrace all work that I do now and in the future. I might not choose to clean toilets in the future, but if I had to-I would. No questions asked! Why are people so uncomfortable with the idea of working hard for your money? Isn’t it called work for a reason? I think I’m getting tired of hearing what people won’t do and how their situations aren’t changing. What will you do to make change in your life? How deep will you reach mentally to move forward?

Somebody’s got to do it, will it be you?



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