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This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch a truly inspiring and motivating documentary. The documentary is called “Without Bound” and was created by Michael Tubbs and Aaron Harlan. It provides an interesting and exciting perspective on mobile living from  a group of fascinating individuals who live fulfilling, sustainable, off-grid lives in vans, travel trailers and motorhomes.

One of the great things about this documentary is it is actually featured on YouTube. Meaning it’s free! But being free, doesn’t mean it was cheaply done by any means. As it is actually surprisingly well done. It could very well be the best youtube documentary I have watched.

Now I’ll be the first to admit my intentions “as of right now” to sell everything, pack up, buy a van, camper, or RV to live in full time. Is little. But that doesn’t mean I cannot takes bits and pieces from the documentary and apply it to my own life to improve my well-being.

You see, I’ve always thought you have to engage books, articles, movies, documentaries or whatever it is intelligently. Even if you disagree with 90% of the content presented. Being able to use the 10% you agree with and improve your own existence makes it completely worth it.

So as I mentioned above my intentions of living in an van, camper, or RV full time is little right now. But I didn’t let that stop me from implementing some of the great ideas presented throughout the documentary. Here are some of these great ideas.

Without Bound – Great Ideas

The ideas that I really found interesting and caused me to think about my own situation, many came from the Without Bound documentary. Some also came from the insightful comments people left after watching the documentary themselves. Thanks guys.

Finding out what you truly need in life to be happy.

Consider ways to becomes more self-sustainable and resourceful with housing and energy consumption.

The idea that most times is, Less Is More.

Happiness is not an accumulation of things, Happiness is a state of mind that requires very little in regards to material things.

The situation most people find themselves in with housing. Is we are paying for something we leave empty for 80% of the day, only to enjoy it for 30% of our lives before we are either to old to manage the stairs.

There’s two sorts of people; some people like money and some people like things. People that like things don’t have a lot of money and people that like money don’t have a lot of things… I’d rather have the money over things; money buys me freedom.

At a certain age, you realize the greatest loss you can experience is a theft you perpetrate upon yourself-the waste of days given us. Is there any more piercing remorse than the realization that a person has thrown away the potential that resides in every sunrise? (James Lee Burke)

These are only a few of the great ideas and concepts presented throughout the documentary that I found interesting. The documentary can be watched here; Without-Bound Documentary.

Let me know in the comments which ideas you found interesting!

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